Thursday, August 11, 2011

seven years old... way too fast

oooh... seven.... really? i'm not sure if i'm actually ready for seven. the thing that really gets me is how fast seven years flew by... then i wonder what if the next seven fly by that fast... then he will be fourteen... then i feel a little bit sick to my stomach and quickly try to think of something else. sigh.
he had a really good day, even though things just barely fell together. we were all gone separate directions over the weekend and finally returned home the night before his birthday. i didn't get his birthday crown finished and when i told him how sorry i was he said "that's ok mom!" awwww, such a sweetheart.
i'm so excited about another one of the new traditions and that is the books. i've started getting them books and writing little messages inside the cover. i have these visions of them reading those little messages someday when they are grown and away from home and feeling loved.... and that thought makes my heart melt just a little. :) 

seven things i love about my first born

  • i love the way he loves to snuggle in the morning and he nuzzles his nose into my side like a little bear cub
  • i love that he treasures anything that i make for him
  • i love how he always wants to include eislee in everything that he does
  • i love how he watches out for his little sisters
  • i love the way that he lines his bed with stuffed animals the exact same way that i did when i was his age
  • i love how sensitive he is
  • and how thoughtful he can be... coming up with the sweetest ways to make someone happy
  • i love how creative he is.... goodness that's eight!
that was way too easy.
maiko, i'll love you forever...
love, mama


amberamerica said...

I can't believe I missed his birthday!!!!! Happy birthday maiko!!!! :):):)

Britt(sis) said...

i totally almost cried when i read this..

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