Saturday, October 1, 2011

all about food

ollie update:

  • she is 8 months old now... can you believe it? only 4 months left and we are at the 1 year mark, what!?
  • she is in love with food. bananas, peaches, applesauce, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, salmon.
  • salmon is her favorite.
  • she is getting dangerously close to crawling... wiggling herself all over the floor now and getting up on those back legs (all she needs to do is figure her arms out and she's off).
  • she is a thumbsucker. love.
  • she smiles all the time! i don't remember any of my other babies smiling as much as sweet ollie.
  • all of her siblings adore her. layla often tells me "mom, i love you and ollie but i love ollie just a little bit more. when she grows up though i will probably love you more." (that one always puts a smile on my face.)
we bought her those first few jars of carrots then (with some great support from my little helper bee) i got back into the habit of making her baby food. you know what i realized? i love making baby food. it is such a quick and simple yet extremely rewarding task! currently she has been enjoying our banana peach mixture. i am really looking forward to the banana avocado. hey, don't knock it until you try it... it is seriously an amazing combination. we discovered that one when eislee was a baby and i always make extra because me and maiko like to eat an entire batch ourselves. pretty sure i'm going to have to start making banana avocado smoothies. seriously.... try it.... i dare you.

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