Thursday, October 6, 2011

goodbye summer.... you will be missed

this was our last summer moment.

i almost didn't photograph it. i was busy and i thought "yes, they are all playing outside together i can finally accomplish something." then i thought "but what are they up to over there?" and as i watched i discovered they were having a pretend camp fire. then i realized, with the start of school just a few days away, that this would surely be the last fire of the summer. at that point i had to grab my camera and take a few pictures.

the photo was taken in the first week of september. i was certain, at that point, that i was not going to miss summer. the chaotic, completely disorganized days.... the dry, hot weather.... i new i would not miss that. but now, looking back at these photos of that last summer moment.... i suddenly realize that i already miss summer. those sweet, disorganized days of sleeping in and wearing whatever.... those dry, hot afternoons spent almost entirely out of doors... yes... i miss summer. i do believe though, that summer would not be near as special and appreciated if it was not so short and sweet.

goodbye sweet summer.... see you next year.


julie said...

Oh my Dear Jenny. You ALWAYS make me feel better. I ♥♥♥ your post. The kiddies are growing up way too fast. Give all hugs and kisses from Grandma julie.

jenny said...

thank you julie :) your sweet comments are a little ray of sunshine:) hope to see you soon!

Mom said...

I know I'm late on commenting on this but WOW! I'm soooo glad you took that moment to take these is sweetened by our wonderful memories and you take the time to share them with us all and sweeten our lives as well!!! Thanks Jen!

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