Monday, October 17, 2011

the speed of life

 my, oh my, how the time flies by. 

life seems to have many speeds over time but when you have four children i believe it is faster than light. i keep telling myself that i am going to get back to regular posts here (at least twice a week), that i will get completely caught up on laundry and dishes, that i will pick ALL of the apples, and that i will get the kid's halloween costumes finished early (as in not finishing them the night before they wear them), not to mention the countless other promises like regular exercise, date nights, special alone time with each child, early bedtimes, healthy dinners, etc, etc. sigh. it might be possible some day. i try very hard not to get discouraged when i can't accomplish these things. my method which is very strange (and i'm not recommending it to anyone since technically it dosen't even work.... it just keeps me from getting to depressed about never meeting my goals) is to change my goals weekly sometimes daily and constantly take a different approach on how i tackle my day. i know it probably sounds a little crazy but it's working for me right now.... kindof.... like i said it keeps me from getting too discouraged and that is very important.

i am really excited about the things that are happening around here. matt has been getting some work done on the house (outside work). he has been sanding and painting trim, repairing siding, he painted my doors red! which i love. he is also coaching maiko's soccer team this year which keeps him quite busy (two practices and one game each week). i am still working on preserving any food that comes my way. we just canned the last tuna we will get this season and i have the last three boxes of tomatoes waiting for me in the kitchen. i am also working to pick as many apples as i possibly can. i am going to make hard cider this year. i am very excited about it. the kids are growing like weeds in the sun. some reading and writing, one just learning letters and numbers, and one just learning to crawl.

life is crazy, but wonderful, and i think i'm learning to keep up.


Dorothy said...

When you have 4 kids the only way to approach it is to be flexible and remember the important things are not the house always being clean or the laundry always being do this well sis! Your kids and your husband are your number one priority and it shows! All I can say is WELL DONE! When you think back what do you remember most? I love you guys!!!! After yesterday....I strongly recommend a housekeeper for the other things!!! :)

jenny said...

Thanks mom... When I think back I remember all the crafting you did with us and pretend play in the back yard... And of course all the wonder you created in the holidays! Love you mom! Thanks for all you taught me about love and life.

Britt(sis) said...

yes mom you are wonderful! i can't believe how lucky we are!
and i realize i don't have kids yet Jen but i definitely know about stress! one thing that really helps me is to kind of think this way, one day down.. then when you reflect back and regret something you did or didn't do that day.. just realize it is knowledge gained and now next time can and maybe even will be different. :)

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