Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a lovely weekend

sorry that i haven't been much of a steady blogger this month. life has really been flying by. in the midst of all the craziness i have managed to have quite a bit of fun though. this last weekend was nothing short of wonderful. with a huge amount of thanks to some amazing grandparents (who are always up for date night even though it usually involves four tired grandchildren), and an awesome brother in law who joined us for the show and then drove us home after a few too many.... and the show... goodness.... so amazing!!! the band is called stairway denied... more info here... they are a led zeppelin tribute band... the tribute bit means they play exactly like them. there were multiple amazing guitar solos, even a drum solo. i also got the opportunity to rekindle with an old friend. i must say though.... i am sore! dancing all night isn't as easy as it used to be!

you may have noticed in the photos above that charlotte finally has some hair. the yarn is red heart cotton with aloe and the color is razzle dazzle. i love it. there is still a ways to go but i am so excited about how she is coming together! do you like her name? we have been watching charlotte's web a lot lately. so sweet. 

well... i had better get a move on... i have many things in need of my attention. hope you had a lovely weekend as well.... and hope you have an amazing week in store!


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