Thursday, March 29, 2012

all grown up


ooohh.... i came across the new photos of layla and pesto sleeping on the couch together today and instantly remembered the old ones. it was a lot of fun going through those old photos.... so many moments that i had forgotten. in the "kitten" photos layla had just had her fourth birthday and eislee was just about one. it has almost been two years since then and they have changed so much. i must admit i feel a little bit sad when i look back in awe of "how fast it all went" but i think it is a wonderful thing to look back and remember that it does go that fast and faster and that we really must enjoy every moment... i forget that sometimes. i can get so caught up in all the things to do that i feel like my life is scheduled about two weeks ahead (life really goes fast when you live like that). i have discovered though that when i do my best to slow down and live "in the moment" that life really does go just a bit slower and that i really enjoy it. so that is my goal today... to slow down and enjoy my life and my children because all to soon i will be looking back on these new pictures saying "oh, how they've grown."

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