Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a busy break

oh.... spring break.... i must admit it hasn't been what i expected it to be, but it has been a wonderful break none the less. i was picturing the kind of break with lots of relaxing down time were you catch up on everything you are behind on..... hmmmm..... sounds a bit like a daydream. what we got is equally wonderful and is definitely a "break" from the norm though. we have been having lots and lots of fun. lots of catching up with family and friends. which is a much more important (and fun) kind of catching up. this week has me so excited for summer and more of this wonderful freedom. it's officially spring now... which means summer is only one short season away..... yes!!

in the photos above:
*taproot is an amazing new magazine created by a few of my favorite people
*chai tea steeped in hot milk with a large drizzle of honey (my absolute favorite!)
*progress on charlotte... she is almost complete! what do you think of the rainbow hair?


amanda said...

What a cute doll and I like her hair!!

jenny said...

thanks amanda! i am really excited about the way she has come together :)

amberamerica said...

It sucks when it goes by so fast haha ;) even though I don't have to worry about it much right now haha ;)

jenny said...

it goes faster with every child you add to the equation :)

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