Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the (last?) storm

some of the large limbs of this overgrown laurel bush cracked and fell with the weight of the snow. my children were delighted with the "cave" it opened up. they collected many small branches and planted them in the snow. layla worked hard and planted a whole row.

matt was working hard in somewhat of an opposite way... cutting trees to clear roads. it was the largest  number of trees down that we have seen in our five years here. 

maiko built this snowman entirely by himself... i had to chuckle when i saw all the fruit.... i didn't even notice that he was taking it! he's very creative, that maiko. when i asked him if he was going to eat all that fruit he replied by grabbing a strawberry and taking a big bite.

and i... well i was spoiled... i stayed in next to the heat of the fire, drinking coffee, and finished up an old project. i am assuming that will be the last of the snow... but one can never really know when it comes to the weather.


amanda said...

That is the best snowman and the healthiest one I have ever seen!!! Good job guys!:) We are jealous of your snow too! Looks like you all had a great time playing in it!

jenny said...

haha... yeah, maiko came in looking for carrots and all we had was fruit so he improvised :) i am super jealous of your weather.... i am sooo ready for warm sun!

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