Tuesday, April 10, 2012


if you look closely at the photos above i'm sure you will notice that the budding daffodils are evidence that these pictures are over a month old. our daffodils have bloomed and are slowly but surely withering away. there are many new exciting things coming up from the ground and flourishing though. i'm so excited to see some of my flower bed work actually paying off. i get so excited when i think about how a few years from now after the things i have planted spread (and i plant more things) that there will be a very full flower bed coming up each year. and i will be beginning on a new bed this summer.... hmmmm.... which one should it be.....? the apple trees are swelling with buds now. they are ready for their turn to be the highlight of the farm. i am ready too. it really feels like spring when the apple trees bloom. and i am so excited that they waited for those terrible storms to pass. i hope that we get weeks of wonderful warm sunshine just for them and the bees to do their work... please, please, please
and that little girl in the photos above.... she is growing just as fast as my flowers... if not faster. i am constantly amazed at how quickly she's maturing. she has been sitting at the desk coloring quietly the entire time i have spent writing this post. and her sister is quietly eating in the highchair.... aaaahhhh..... peace and quiet.... such a wonderful thing. i think i had better go see what she is working on.

see you soon friends.


Mom said...

I love your use of words when you explain your world....you don't even have to be there to feel the joy....keep sharing sis and are you sure writing might not be in your future? Just a thought :)

jenny said...

thanks mom :) well, i am writing.... i guess we will just see how it grows.... love you!

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