Thursday, April 5, 2012

my favorite morning food

coffee is probably my most regular and important thing in the morning. one of my first thoughts after getting out of bed is coffee. when it comes to food though, i have two favorites. one is green smoothies (green for spinach), and the other is oatmeal...and i don't mean your regular old oatmeal either (even though i like that too). now, you may be a little turned off at the thought of a spinach smoothie but i assure you... with the addition of a few other things you can't actually taste the spinach in your smoothie at all... it just makes it a beautiful green color. so here are the recipes for my favorite two breakfasts...

creamy spinach smoothie
go on... try it... i dare ya...

 -a few handfuls of spinach
-one banana
-one 15oz can of peaches
-a couple scoops of yogurt
(i like stonyfield farms vanilla, zoi greek honey, or brown cow maple sryup)
-about a half cup of orange juice
-about a cup filtered water
(add more water or orange juice if it isn't blending smoothly)

pack blender one third full of spinich (yes, i did say one third). drain peaches and dump them in. peel the banana and add it. add two to four scoops of yogurt. pour in some orange juice... about a half cup... unless you want more. add filtered water... about a cup... you want a lot of liquid so that it blends up nice and smooth. then blend until smooth and enjoy!
beware: if you add berries to your smoothie... when they mix with the green they make a horrid brown color... still tastes delicious but the color is pretty unappealing... just so your prepared.

maple berry oatmeal with yogurt

-uncooked oatmeal
-berries, frozen or fresh
-maple sryup

 prepare oatmeal following directions on the label but use half water, half milk. pour oatmeal into bowl and sprinkle handful of berries on top (if frozen push into oatmeal so they melt quickly). add a swirl of maple syrup (real syrup people, not that nasty fake stuff).  add a dollop or two of your favorite yogurt (i mentioned my favorites above in the smoothie recipe). sprinkle cinnamon on the top. then take your spoon and give it a decent swirl to slightly blend everything and your ready to eat! enjoy!

what's your go-to morning food?


cousin Brent said...

I like my oatmeal with flax added and fresh fruit when I have it.

jenny said...

ooohhh! that's something i may have to start... sounds yummy!

amberamerica said...

Yummmmmmmm!!!!! That sounds so good jenn!!!!

jenny said...

thank you sister :)

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