Friday, April 20, 2012

my mom and me

this post was supposed to go up yesterday because it was my mom's birthday... but sometimes with four children and a busy family life these things just don't go as planned. luckily, my mom completely understands these things. she has already "been in my shoes," i often wonder about her at my age and how she handled certain things. of course she wasn't a "perfect" parent because no one is perfect.... but the fact that when i look back at my childhood and my mom, the majority of what comes to mind is just love and encouragement.... that shows me that she has a talent.
 that kind of love and patience doesn't come easily.
i will never forget this one memory... mom and me were out shopping together, i was a teenager, and we were just chattering along, hugging, and the clerk, a young woman, said something along the lines of "you guys are really close aren't you?" with a sound of astonishment in her voice. that was one of the first times i realized that not everyone had this kind of relationship with their mom...
that it was a rare gift.
i am so grateful for this example... the teaching of these gifts. we may not be the most punctual or organized bunch.... but my mom taught me love, patience, and encouragement.... and those are the truly important lessons in life.

thank you mom.... i love you forever and always,



Anonymous said...

Oh Sis! I cherish every moment! You are a wonderful gift to me as well! I'm very lucky! Love you always and forever also!!!!

jenny said...

:) love you mom!

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