Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the current chaos

  • between matt's recent adventure (more photos of that here soon)..... and my "commitments" (designing and sewing 30 something costumes for the alice in wonderland performance)..... we have been very busy... but with the performance coming up this weekend it will be over soon (whether i'm ready for it or not).
  • i was recently asked how i've been getting so much sewing done.... and my answer was "by neglecting everything else... my house looks like it was hit by a hurricane and we have had cereal for breakfast and occasionally lunch more often than i would like to admit."
  • i couldn't have accomplished any of it though without the help of two amazing grandparents across the street (thank you so so much!) and one of my fellow level one moms who has taken on a huge share of the sewing.
  • my dining room table has been covered in fishnet, interlock knit, paper twists, pellon peltex, and heat n bond for so long that i'm kinda scared to see what it looks like under there.
  • a while ago i was so stressed out and i swore i was never going to do this again.... but i'm already thinking about changes i will make for next year.... i have learned quite a lot about "show business."
  • i must admit i feel a little excited and giddy about fitting the dancers and watching from backstage... it is really just fun and exciting and amazing the way it all comes together.
  • ok.... i really need to get off of here and get back to sewing... but i promise i will be back soon....

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