Tuesday, May 15, 2012

on mother's day

I had a wonderful mother's day. My family worked really hard to make me feel loved and appreciated, and i felt very loved and very appreciated. I love them all so much. The first few photos are of one of my mother's day presents from matt. Last summer i told him i would like those laurel bushes cut down so that we could see the beautiful field over there and let more sunlight in. Well, he cut them down for me, and i already love it. Another thing that we decided on last summer was to pull out the garden fence and make that area into more yard space and put in a few raised beds somewhere else. So he pulled out that fence, and leveled, and mowed... and it's wonderful. The candle and hand-print are some of maiko and layla's presents. I just love them. Each of their classrooms had a mother's day tea party and they were so excited about it... i think that excitement melted my heart more than anything. On mother's day they both made me multiple drawings with notes that said "i love mom." So sweet. That last photo is a poem that layla made a few days before. It took my breath away. Can you believe she wrote that all by herself? With a container of word magnets? She's only five! I just think it is so beautiful. I told her that i was very excited to have a poet in the house. She just looked at me and said "what's a poet?" Oh.... well.... i suppose it is someone who makes beautiful art with words. "Oh," she says. 

happy mother's day.


Unknown said...

You are such an amazing mommy! Your children are so lucky and blessed to have a mother like you. I wish I was as great of a mother as you are. You just really amaze me. :)

jenny said...

thank you soooo much :) you melt my heart with your sweet comment! but know this... i am NOT perfect... i make plenty of parenting mistakes... i just post the best moments on here :)

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