Saturday, June 30, 2012

finding our summer rhythm

Well, so far summer has not been at all what i have been expecting it to be. The weather has been gloomy and wet. The children have been grumpy and quarrelsome. The "progress" has been slim. And i feel that i am constantly changing my mind about where my priorities should be focused during this short season.
 I have noticed a bit of a lift in the clouds the last few days though. Definitely not as far as the weather is concerned but as far as family friendliness and my motivation there has been quite a shift. I feel a peace when i realize that this is only our second week and it really isn't going as fast as it seems.
 The introduction of chores.... early in the day i might add.... has helped a great deal with the children. It makes them feel good, just as it makes me feel good, to get something accomplished early in the day and then have the rest for play. Not to mention a little hard work really makes them appreciate free time so much more. I write the chores out on the white board and they get to check them off as they complete them. For some odd reason this makes chores much more fun. 
Another thing that really helps all of us is if i get up early, before the rest, and get a little quiet time to myself. Then... when the little ones start to rise i am not only awake but i feel so fulfilled and peaceful even with just 20 minutes of quiet and coffee. I think that this quiet will be the secret to my success this summer. Even if the only thing i succeed in is keeping a good attitude.

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