Wednesday, August 1, 2012

paper banner tutorial

I have been meaning to make some fabric party banners for years.... but.... i have four children and i have just not found the time. This year, when layla's party came up, i really wanted banners again and decided to throw together some quick paper banners for fun. They were very easy, i thought they were very fun to make also, and did i mention QUICK!!! Even with four children running around i managed to cut out like a hundred flags one afternoon and string them all the next evening... if i can do it.... you can definitely do it :)

- coordinating scrapbook paper 12x12
- coordinating yarn (we used extra bulky and really liked it)
- darning needle (a large blunt needle used for yarn)
- scissors
- ruler
- pen
- hole punch

Each sheet of 12x12 paper makes 10 flags and a nice banner around 12 foot size will have about thirty flags on it. I purchased a notebook of coordinating scrapbook prints for $5 and it had like twenty sheets.

My paper had an extra perforated edge at the top so i removed all of those first to make them exactly 12x12. Now, it's not essential that you have 12x12 paper. That is the size that i found so i created my flag size to work with my paper. You can easily change the measurements and make any size flag you want... so don't worry too much about the paper size.

First, fold the paper in half and crease it.

Open and cut along the crease so that you have two 6x12 pieces.

Then, flip over one of the 6x12 pieces. Line your ruler up at the top and make marks at 4" and 8".

Line your ruler up at the bottom edge and make marks at 2", 6", and 10".

Then run your ruler from the top corner to the 2" mark and make a line.

Then from the 2" mark up to the 4" mark and continue in this pattern and finish with a mark coming back up from the 10" mark to the other corner.

Cut along the lines to create your flags. Now, you can either mark and cut each 6x12 sheet separately or you can do what i did. I placed the other sheet underneath and cut them both at the same time. You will end up with 10 flags and four little "half flags". If you want you could tape the half flags together and create two more flags. I just let my children play with the half flags. 

Then take your hole punch and punch holes in the top two corners of each flag.

Repeat until you have as many different prints as you want.

I had ten different prints... ten flags each print. I paired them up in various groups. Some there were just two prints, some three, some even had six prints. Then i cut various pieces of yarn... some about 10 feet.... some longer. I ran one end through the darning needle and i laced the flags on in the patterns i decided until the string was full and then i cut another string and started lacing that one. So most of my banners were about 12 feet with about thirty flags. I never measured my string though i just cut the length i wanted my banner to be and then strung it in pattern until it was full. then if i had enough left in that print for another small banner.... i would make a small one. Another thing you can remember is three flags (as pictured below) is just over a foot in length.

Hope you have fun with this! Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


jen cox said...

Love Jenny! So cute!

Laurie said...

I loved them at Layla's party! So glad you shared your instructions, too. Love to your sweet family!

jenny said...

thanks jen! thanks laurie! love to your family too :) we really need to do that meet up at the park day, only two weeks until school starts! (even though, i am fine with doing it after school starts).

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