Tuesday, October 30, 2012

letting the bad bring us together

A horrid flu is passing through our house and has forced us to finally slow down. It is always so hard watching your loved ones feel so miserable. I must admit that i have enjoyed the slowing down part though. Many busy weeks accompanied by many busy weekends, although quite fun, has been very tiring on all of us. Then there was this last long weekend where we were forced to cancel everything, stay home, and take care of each other. It made me realize that we need some more of these without any sickness. We snuggled by the fire, played board games, read books, and carved those pumpkins. It was wonderful (all except for the horrible flu that is). And how about those pumpkins, huh? I was so impressed with how capable they were this year! Maiko and Layla did almost everything themselves (i just helped draw on the faces), and Eislee scooped out her pumpkin i just helped her carve it. Just another little thing that gives me so much hope... it really is getting easier, and soon i will have the time i've been waiting for.

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