Tuesday, November 6, 2012

learning to let go

apple picking grampy style

i just love her style.... layers upon layers.... and usually backwards too

the beginning of yet another project (what i should really show you is the one he just finished...... beautiful)

layla's office..... i swear she can make it look like this in an hour.... sigh.... i think some office organizing supplies are in order for christmas

the "issue" of maiko doing his evening reading was instantly solved as soon as i gave in and let him read to his little sister instead of me....

one of the many deer that have been enjoying the apples that i didn't get picked

taking breakfast to daddy

the chuckers scratching up my bark chips... they are lucky i like them so much

one sick sweetheart snuggling another

each year i have raised my expectations of myself and what i should be able to accomplish in a season but i have discovered that this year it has gotten quite hard to keep up. so, i am slowly but steadily letting go of some of those expectations and trying very hard not to feel guilty about it.... the apples are still getting eaten right?.... and little bit by little bit as i carefully decide which projects are the best use of my dwindling time i am suddenly finding my life so much more manageable and i really like it that way.

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