Friday, December 7, 2012

a little bit of christmas

so what do you think of the chocolate door? be honest. i'm not quite sure about it...

our new advent tradition (we changed it last year) is as soon as they are ready for school they get their treat for the day.... chocolate is wonderful motivation.

half of the little village that finds a new spot every year.

christmas books on the bed stand... a sure sign of the season.

eislee's favorites.... her favorites she must hear every night are "frosty the snowman" and "gingerbread mouse" which she calls "snow white and the mousey one" and she expects me to sing both of them.

layla's mess of a desk... next to my mess of a desk.... i sure have enjoyed the company but sharing the mess is driving me a little crazy.

they all love to "borrow" mommy and daddy's camelbak water bottles so this year in their stockings they will each get one of their own.

the painting is complete in layla's room (thanks to some outside help). i just love the colors... two shades of beautiful sage greeen. you can hardly tell (even when your in the room) but the ceiling is a much lighter shade than the walls.

i just love the holiday artwork they bring home when they're small... i have started keeping it in an envelope packed away with all the christmas decorations so that i can bring them all out each year.

the last of the winter squash.... i save these pretty green ones for last because i love the way they look next to red.

paperwhites... i don't think mine will bloom by christmas but i love the idea of them blooming along with the new year.

it's been very busy around here lately and i know i have been neglecting this space but i am so excited to show you all that has been happening! so much progress! happy holidays friends!

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