Sunday, December 16, 2012

oh, this busy holiday

such beautiful colors we are getting now... it's like a special easter egg hunt every time i go out to the coop.... duck eggs too! our americanas lay the minty green beauties, and either our cuckoo maran or our welsummer (or both) lay the deep chocolate brown ones... just lovely.

carrots and parsnips sauteed in butter.... kale steamed with a little water and drizzled with a sauce made up of apple cider vinegar, honey, and olive oil... currently two of my favorite things (especially together).

i just love the sweet little christmas programs... although i vow every year that i will quit trying to record it... the recordings never turn out very nice and it really takes away from the show. do you see my little eislee in the back there? she had a very special part this year pulling the little wagon at the back of the train... she was perfect.... so brave.... so oblivious.... so adorable.

one of my favorite things about the christmas programs is all the singing done absentmindedly at home. often times in the car eislee will sing "a fleece navee dad!"

we wrapped some presents up in newspaper and topped them with ribbon... i love how perfectly simple it looks... i wrap all of my presents with newspaper now... i just really like it.

we are planning to make jewelry for all the teachers with these pretty wooden beads, but of course we haven't even started yet.... hmmm.

my lentil soup... lentils, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, celery, yams, and spinich... my favorite soup.... actually it's more like a stew really... but either way... i finally wrote down a bit of recipe as i was making it this time... i do a lot of that "a pinch of that" and "just add it until it looks right" kind of cooking... so making a real recipe is pretty hard for me.

i can't believe how close it is to christmas! we don't even have a tree yet... i suppose we will get one soon and keep it through new years. i do love christmas trees. the reason we don't have one yet is we were finishing the painting in our living room (thanks to someone called thomas... and to lisa for recommending him). thomas has not only finished our living but he is almost finished painting the entire upstairs... yes! 
if you like christmas music you should check out pandora's christmas station. it is wonderful! i can't get enough of it. they play every single one of my favorites! nothing makes it feel like the holidays more than nat king cole singing "have yourself a merry little christmas"... in my opinion anyway. 
enjoy the season friends! it is already almost over!

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