Thursday, March 21, 2013

coming alive

special hot cocoa with cream and cinnamon.

trying to keep my goal of drawing and sewing biweekly a priority.

finally finished a project i started early fall for my dear friend erin. 

i always save containers. after awhile i end up with quite a few saved here and there, and then i finally find them a purpose. i took the peanut butter jars below (i had around ten of them) and spray painted the lids, attached chalkboard labels, and now they are helping me organize the art supplies. i love a great purpose. :)

"do not ask yourself what the world needs. ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
-howard thurman

this quote has been on my mind a lot lately. what is it that makes me come alive? i know there are quite a few things that make me feel that i'm truly living... but there is one in particular that i have not been fulfilling lately.... creating. i love to make things. anything really but sewing, drawing, and painting are a few of my favorites. so i have made some new goals to bring more creating into my life, and it feels wonderful.

what makes you come alive? 


Emma Kreder said...

I absolutely love reading your blogs. They are always so happy and uplifting. I wonder how you can be a mom to four small children and still find time to be so creative, you must be super woman!
p.s. i love your dishes. i have some that are fairly similar, but not as brightly colored. Are they Fiesta wear?

jenny said...

thank you emma :) i'm really flattered that you enjoy it. and i really appreciate the super woman comment but that's not the case. i always have to pick what i'm going to focus on... i'm just making an extra effort right now to be creative because it makes me feel happy :)and yes the dishes are fiesta wear (my in-laws got them for me for christmas and my birthday) i love them! they make every thing i cook look bright and cheery!

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