Saturday, April 27, 2013

right here... right now

it's so beautiful out here right now....
i have been constantly trying to capture it with my camera but i never can capture it quite right and i finally realize why.... it isn't just the gorgeous green color everything is becoming, or the swelling blossoms everywhere you turn... it is also the warm sun on your face, and the sound of all the singing birds, and the overwhelming feeling of life happening all around you.... all of the animals and their new babies.... all of the insects.... the plants.... so much life.... such an amazing thing to witness.

we have a lot of exciting things happening right now besides the obvious arrival of spring. our upstairs project is so close to completion... so so close. we are now going to be beginning a laundry room project with the recent findings of a leak and a rotten wall (i know this doesn't necessarily fit into the "exciting things" category but i am trying to look at it in a positive light.... it really needs a makeover that laundry room of ours). but hands down, the most exciting thing at the moment is a special getaway... the honeymoon we didn't take when we got married... it is finally time for that... for us. tomorrow we leave for the mexican caribbean for nine days. i am so excited and so thankful for my wonderful husband for doing everything he can to make this the best possible experience and thankful for so many wonderful grandparents taking turns giving my children their own special "vacation" while we are away. i am certain that this will be the best vacation i have ever taken. not only because i have never been to a place even remotely like the riveria maya before but because my amazing husband has done so much to make it more than just a getaway. not only did he do a ton of research about the area and all of the places we should stay, but we are learning about the culture, and even learning the language. it is going to be wonderful. see you soon... with a tan.... and lots of pictures.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

spring things

i love this time of year. there is something almost magical about the way it all comes back to life. all of the flowers popping up all over the place, the landscape turning this deep and vibrant shade of green, and i love hearing the birds singing again. all of that combined with a few days of warm sunshine and we are hopeful and excited... spring is really here. 
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