Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a walk in the rain

layla bee insists on wearing her brothers hand me down farm shoes even though they are quite big on her...    i must admit it makes me very happy that she loves them so much.

yesterday was one of those days.

i know that you know the kind i mean. the kind where everyone is bickering and arguing about some silly thing or another and it just keeps escalating and spreading. the kind where you feel like you run in circles all day getting nowhere... exhausted in the end with nothing to show for it except the exhaustion and maybe one folded pile of laundry... and still more bickering.

i really dislike those days.

but.... i can appreciate a moment of peace. one unexpected, completely blissful moment where everyone is suddenly happy and getting along. it doesn't last... but it does give you a break... and some hope. it gives you a chance to take a deep breath and smile, maybe for the first time that particular day.

my peaceful moment yesterday was captured in the pictures above. a walk in the rain, just down the road a bit to tend to their grandparents chickens while they were away. one unexpected... completely blissful moment.... and thanks to these pictures..... looking back this moment will be all i remember about that day.

Friday, June 14, 2013

right now...

my sister, brother in law, and sweet nephew... jude... having his first real dinner of rice baby cereal. they waited until their visit so that we could be a part of one of his firsts. what a wonderful little family. i love watching the way they are growing together and making such a great team.... and it is all enveloped in so much love for this sweet little boy (who is growing up so very fast). 

this is where he really started to get into it... grabbing mommies hand.... already such a little helper

my disastrous desk (which is much more tidy now.... just so you know)...

and my disastrous bedroom (which looks about the same).... right now... in this space... we have: one king bed, two toddler beds, three dressers, two bookselves, one desk, one kid table, one big chair, an exercise bike, and too many stacks of books (among other things)... it is ridiculous! when we finally finish our upstairs project and i get all of this stuff moved out of my room... i think i will be amazed at all the space i have.

i have been using strategically placed flower pots to protect my poor plants trying to emerge from the ground and not be leveled by the chickens... it is working quite well

it always looks so beautiful around here this time of year... everything is still lush and green from the rains... but it is warm and sunny... the lawn has little tiny flowers all over.... so many things growing and blooming... just beautiful. i'm trying to fix up a few things in the yard that are really starting to show some age. this play set has seem some hardcore play and some even harder weather and it is certainly starting to show it. i'm hoping with a tidbit of sanding, a coat of stain, and some brand new swings it will last a few more years... and by then it may be time for it to come down and make room for something new as the children grow and change.

these vintage finds came from the antique store.... when i took my two little ones with me. every lady in there looked at me like i must be crazy, but really it went very well... they do have to learn after all... and maybe i am a little crazy too.

summer hasn't been shaping up quite like i thought it would so far... but of course nothing really shapes up like i think it will... and it is only the first week.
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