Sunday, September 29, 2013

record rains


fall is certainly here... the feeling of it anyway... all of this rain is making all of those beautiful fall colors that i love so much turn to brown. luckily, i have lots of fall decorations that are full of those great colors. so, either way i will have my colors. and we are certainly enjoying fall foods... apples (especially the ones bubbling on the stove), and mushrooms (grampy has been picking chantrelles from the forest and they are wonderful), and winter squash, and all of those fantastic root veggies, the last of the garden tomatoes... and hopefully soon fresh venison. such a bounty this time of year. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

my little secretary

this little lady moves and  reorganizes her "office" almost daily. she is also very good at finding things around the house and giving them a home in her ever-expanding desk space. i think the amount of stuff in this little space of hers grows each time she moves it. the little vintage phone and typewriter really set the space off (i think anyway). the moment the phone came home it became a part of her "office" and i finally decided she was ready to keep the typewriter in her room (especially now that it is safe upstairs). she couldn't be happier and i really enjoy watching her "work".

Thursday, September 19, 2013

the room reveal

eislee and ollie's room

maiko's room

layla's room

i thought i would let the pictures do the talking. i think they do a pretty good job. big thanks to some grandmas for the bedding, cubbies, and the cool chairs (and some other random things). it is so nice to finally have everyone "moved in" and enjoying their new spaces.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

seeing red

i see a sweet little girl in a red polka dot dress who fell fast asleep... sitting at the desk... while we were sewing...

i see a big girl in a red coat ready for her first day of school and her little sister in red ladybug rain boots who thinks she is also ready... soon little girl... soon it will be your turn...

i see boxes of red tomatoes and jars and pots of sauced and stewed tomatoes....

i see apples turning red in the trees calling out "it's our turn next".... just hold on little apples... i'm not ready for you quite yet.... but soon... soon it will be your turn...
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