Thursday, September 5, 2013

a fresh start

i love september. september and january are two of my favorite months because they are both beginnings. a fresh start. a change. i love change and i really love beginnings. 
outside it is cold and foggy with a gentle rain falling... but it is still warm enough to have my window open. i can hear the birds and i can smell the rain. my mother always said she loved the smell of rain. i understand now. it smells like the purest clean. i think that is one of my favorite things about the rain. the way it comes and cleanses everything... even the air.... another fresh start i suppose. 

the photo above and the photo below were taken the last busy week of summer. a week of gathering with friends almost every single day and enjoying (to the max) the freedoms of summer before they were gone. i'm glad we went all out now that it's over because being so busy then  has really helped me appreciate the peace and quiet that i have now.

the last weekend of summer i decided to go all out and paint the little girls room and steam clean all of the carpets... whew. i love the space i have in my bedroom now... but....

.... i left a wee bit of a mess in the living area.... (most of it is moved out of there now though, but it did stay like that for a day or two).

i decided i was going a little crazy with the whole stressing over paint colors and painting furniture thing (too much pinterest i think). sometimes you just have to realize when it's time to bring yourself back to reality and decide if it's really worth it. for the record, i decided it wasn't worth it. i found an extra gallon of the paint i used in maiko's room (tranquil aqua) and it actually looks great with pink. and they are very pleased with the results. and i got to check one more thing off my list.

i will leave a link in my sidebar to the awesome september desktop calendar... just in case you love it as much as i do.

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