Wednesday, September 25, 2013

my little secretary

this little lady moves and  reorganizes her "office" almost daily. she is also very good at finding things around the house and giving them a home in her ever-expanding desk space. i think the amount of stuff in this little space of hers grows each time she moves it. the little vintage phone and typewriter really set the space off (i think anyway). the moment the phone came home it became a part of her "office" and i finally decided she was ready to keep the typewriter in her room (especially now that it is safe upstairs). she couldn't be happier and i really enjoy watching her "work".


  1. I'd love to think she's taking after her auntie :).....organizing and playing journalist! Just love that she's using an old typewriter!

    As always Jenny, gorgeous photos and such wonderful words to accompany them! Keep them coming...I love reading the posts!

  2. there are certainly some major similarities between her and auntie :) one christmas i went crazy looking for a vintage typewritter in decent condition (for a decent price) and i am so glad now that i did because she just loves it and uses it just the way i pictured that she would :)


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