Sunday, September 29, 2013

record rains


fall is certainly here... the feeling of it anyway... all of this rain is making all of those beautiful fall colors that i love so much turn to brown. luckily, i have lots of fall decorations that are full of those great colors. so, either way i will have my colors. and we are certainly enjoying fall foods... apples (especially the ones bubbling on the stove), and mushrooms (grampy has been picking chantrelles from the forest and they are wonderful), and winter squash, and all of those fantastic root veggies, the last of the garden tomatoes... and hopefully soon fresh venison. such a bounty this time of year. 


  1. As always, your posts make me happy, wistful and inspired. I just LOVE watching life progress at the Newell farm. Love seeing little Ollie playing soccer with Maiko, and Eislee as colorful with her wardrobe choices as ever! Love you all!

  2. thank you rebecca! love and miss you! i do love that soccer scene... maiko dressed her on his own and she was completely commando under his soccer jersey... ha!!


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