Monday, October 14, 2013

a shovel and a job to do

this is the face she makes (above) when asked to smile for the camera.

"a case of the blues can often be cured with a shovel and a job to do."

it is amazing how once you become a mother your mind can become so full of worry. especially when there are four little ones to worry about. i find myself anxious about things that i never would have given a second thought to in the past. i have found though that nothing stills a worried mind quite like getting outside and enjoying some good old physical labor. now don't be fooled, i am very good at talking myself out of such labor... it's too wet.... too cold.... too hot.... too dry (kidding). i have been forcing myself to get out there lately... not only because there is work that needs to be done before the rain and cold officially set in... but also because i absolutely love the way i feel after i get it done. some fresh air, some exercise, a job to do, and the autumnal outdoors.... now where did i put that shovel?

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