Sunday, November 17, 2013

calendar art

i save calendars.

every year i always buy a new (or more often a few new) calendars... all with beautiful art. i also always buy plain black or white frames any time i see them on a good sale. the pictures in the white frames were from my 2012 calendar... layla's room had barely gotten started but i knew that calendar would make beautiful art for her room. we had a lot of fun deciding how to cut the pictures. i had different plans for the large black frames but maiko decided to cut up his current calendar. the small ones in the front are from our ecological calendar... which i love. it has four panels... equinox to solstice... solstice to equinox... it shows the moon phases... tide changes... constellations... and my favorite part... the changing amount of daylight. anyway, i'm sure i'm not the first to think of this... but i am excited about the way it's working out. i am also excited about the nicki mcclure calendar that i haven't even started on yet.... and the fact that taproot is issuing a phobe wahl calendar for 2014... oh yes, i am all over that one. 12 phobe wahl prints... in black frames... gallery style in my living room... love it.

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