Friday, November 1, 2013

making room for a creative mess

i completely cleared off my desk to make room for sewing, knitting, and art... it was about time.

i bought the book below during summer and read it cover to cover in a week. i LOVED it, and was completely inspired... yet i tucked it away. finally, i pulled it back out and ordered the needed supplies and dug in. what fun! stamp making is so simple. it's practically instant gratification that you can use over and over... i am smitten. 

i forced myself to start knitting again. it had been so long that i forgot how to cast on... and it all feels quite awkward in my hands. i have been seeing so many wonderful things that i want to knit though, and it is such a simple thing to pick up and put down... so i decided it was time to begin again.

i'm pretty sure that i bought this pattern and fabric back in the spring of 2012... really!?! it's one of those projects that feels overwhelming but really isn't. one of those projects where you have to get through that one big hurdle and then it just flows. well, i decided it was time to start pushing through the hurdle. won't these be great? i fell in love with that pattern. i wanted to do it with bright beautiful fabrics like the picture... but i knew that with four kids using them they would not stay that way for long... so, dark corduroys it was. i do love the colors and textures together. i think it will be a beautiful and cozy addition to our living room. 

it feels so good to be creating again... and with our "nice" fall weather about over... it is the perfect timing for some inside projects.


Holly said...

Good for you, Jenny. I'm not sure how it works with your little ones must wait until they are sleeping :). Or maybe you're just a lot more patient than I.

jenny said...

i just wait until they are all occupied... and then i do stuff like this instead of the stuff i should be doing... cleaning, folding laundry, dishes... :)

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