Wednesday, November 6, 2013

pressing forward

it feels so good to finally be making steady progress on this project of mine. the cutting is getting a bit daunting, but i am almost completely finished cutting the fabric for four large honey bun poufs (aka awesome floor cushions). the bad news is that once i am done cutting fabric i have to start cutting batting. i have decided that i will cut the batting for one pouf at a time though... then sew that pouf... then back to batting cutting. i can't wait to get to the sewing... i am really missing the hum of that little machine.
i am also very excited to be using this "desk space" of mine as it was originally intended to be used... as space. space for projects to be left out and available whenever i have a moment to devote to them. it is kind of amazing the difference it makes. suddenly a half an hour on a project between finishing homework  and starting dinner is plenty of time to make real progress.
aahh... progress.... it's a beautiful feeling.


julie said...

YOU continually amaze me!!! Keep up the inspiring work! Love and hugs to all! ♥

jenny said...

thank you julie :)we send hugs and love your way too! looking forward to seeing you at christmas time!

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