Friday, November 8, 2013

two little girls and their farm

i took these photos in the beginning of october... on a day that felt completely summer. we took a little walk down to the barn for some hay (to spread in the chicken coop i had just mucked out) and i actually remembered to grab the camera. i love it when i remember the camera. usually we get to the barn and then i think of the camera. it's a typical jenny move... remembering something at the wrong time... i'm known for it. 
for those of you that have never seen our home... well... there it is. the shop (where matt works) is to the left behind the apple trees. the shed in the back of the house is pretty run down but i have some pretty great "someday" plans for it. the little lean-too thing on the back of the shed is the chicken coop. the big window in the middle of the house is where my kitchen is, and the window above that is maiko's bedroom. and those big trees on the west side of the house are the ones that scare me every time we have a big wind storm. 
i'll never forget the first time i fell in love with this house. someone else was living in it... a couple was renting it from mark and lisa.... and for some reason i was walking by at dusk. there was a lamp in that big kitchen window and there was such a great glow from it. the warm glow from the house complemented by the sunset on the water took my breath away. i love this home.

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