Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the start of the year

to learn about stamp carving... check out making an impression.... link in my sidebar carousel 

i'm so glad i didn't make my wreath very "christmasy" this year... now i feel i can leave it up

rice and beans, with an egg, chopped wilted spinich, and hot sauce.... yum

eislee decided to make her own banner... i swear i didn't help her at all... i wasn't even sure what she was making until she showed me her finished product... i love the buttons taped on the bottom

the green candle holder is the only "christmas" decoration i could not bring myself to put away. i just love it's presence on the table. my mom gave me that this year, and apparently, she had it through my childhood.... but i don't remember it at all. i love it and am very glad to have it carry on here. 

all of these photos are actually from the first week of january when all the kids were home. it was a great week. we had such a wonderful christmas. we had an entire week surrounding christmas gathering with lots and lots of family, and then we spent christmas day at home... just us. it was perfect.

and now... here we are at the start of a new year... and i just love a fresh start.


amanda said...

LOVE your stamps! I've yet to get that book, but plan to soon. We've got the same calendar up- Claire is watching it closely, waiting for the 30th (her bday). I didn't start any narcissus or amaryllis this year, but you've inspired me to start some now if I can find the bulbs still....
as far as I'm concerned, just about anything is made better by the addition of a fried egg topping ;)

jenny said...

you will love the book. stamp making is so fun! it is instant gratification and feels similar to cutting butter :) i hope you can find some bulbs... our little white flowers just started popping out and they smell so wonderful.

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