Thursday, February 6, 2014


"the way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
-peggy o' mara

(i think you can probably read that one)

today is my birthday... i am 29. the last year of my twenties and an entirely new chapter in my life. i am excited for it. i thought i would share 29 things you probably (or definitely) don't know about me... just for kicks... well... here goes.

29 things you probably don't know about me on my 29th birthday

  1. i love to make lists about anything and everything
  2. i got a perm in the fifth grade
  3. and i had a bowl cut in the third grade
  4. i used to be a really picky eater (and now i eat most everything)
  5. i have a weakness for red shoes 
  6. pink and orange are the only colors i don't really like that much (i don't hate them...)
  7. green is my absolute favorite color... peridot green (like the color of the sun shining through leaves... yes, that color)... i also love blue and red... it's a close call
  8. my mom always crafted with my siblings and me when we were little and now you know where my love for crafting came from
  9. i hate doing dishes and usually avoid them at all costs... lucky for me... matt and layla do almost all of the dishes now (i wonder if it's because that was my main chore as a kid... hmmm)
  10. when i was a kid i loved cats... i even collected little cat figurines and everything
  11. slightly embarrassed admitting to that last one there... oy... kid cat lady??
  12. but now i am a dog person
  13. today is the second time (in my life) that it has snowed on my birthday
  14. the first time i was a little girl and all i wanted for my birthday was for it to snow... and it did... that always makes me feel just a little special
  15. growing up, i was always a night owl
  16. now, i consider myself a morning person
  17. i read the secret garden over and over as a kid... it was one of my absolute favorites
  18. i have not read it to my kids yet
  19. when i started high school i thought i wanted to be a fashion designer when i grew up
  20. at the end of high school i realized that i just liked to sew and dress funky and that i didn't have a clue what i wanted to be when i grew up (aside from being a mother... i always knew that)
  21. i LOVE healthy food
  22. and i am also a total chocoholic
  23. i am a huge believer in the power of a coat of paint
  24. i'm definitely a glass half full kinda gal
  25. my favorite season was always fall.... because of the beautiful colors
  26. but now... here... on the oregon coast surrounded in evergreens... spring is beginning to take the lead
  27. i LOVE cooking and hate cooking all at the same time... do you know what i mean?
  28. i have sisters that are twins... and they looked so much alike when they were little that they could have been switched... my mom had to paint their toenails different colors
  29. my first car was a bright yellow 1978 dodge colt... my dad bought it for me.... it was a great car

so... did you know any of those 29 things?
(if you are my sister or mother.... sorry... doesn't count)


amanda said...

happy belated birthday!

Brittany Pruett said...

Teehee.. I was going to say I knew a kid portion of them! Ha! But your right it doesn't count.. Hehe. :)
There are a couple that I didn't know though cuz I was probably too young to pick up on a couple of those things when you were little. But I'm glad to know them now sister. Especially the memory of the snow. :) that really made me smile. Makes me want to paint an eager blonde little girl looking out the window and waiting for her birthday snow. :)

jenny said...

thank you amanda :) brit- i would love to see you paint that :) i'm glad you enjoyed it! after i published it... i thought of a million things i should have written instead :) funny how that works, huh?

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