Saturday, February 8, 2014

apron inspiration

i'm planning to tackle this "craft cabinet" over the weekend... i haven't gone through and reorganized this in about two years... and it is time. i have some really exciting ideas (inspired by my daughter's montessori school). i want to get various "projects" set up in there so it's really quick and easy to set them up with sewing/beading/painting/etc... even if i'm in the middle of cooking dinner or something. i'll let you know how it goes.

my other plan for the weekend is to make a plan... what i am going to make for my "swap partner". i feel so lucky to have been included in a blogger swap hosted by amanda at sweetpotatoclaire. i think amanda said there is around 78 bloggers included and she swapped our info... and now i am making a surprise something for someone on the other side of the country... and another surprise person will be sending a handmade something to me.... it is all very exciting.

my iso setting was just a little off in that "snow picture"... but by the time i realized that.... they were done with photos :)

the sweet calendar printout is for eislee and ollie's room... i have a bunch of sweet printouts to put up in there with pretty tape... fun. i printed out another calendar for layla to make for her room. i have a link to the free download on handmade charlotte in my sidebar. for those of you reading this on your smartphones... there is a way you can get to my sidebar... you scroll to the bottom and click "view web version" and then zoom in on the sidebar. i have some links to the valentine printouts we are doing this year as well.

the drawn family portrait just behind the calendar... well... i just discovered that it is not made by who i thought! it was drawn by my dear friend erin.... years and years ago.... and honestly, that makes it even more special to me... oh erin.... i miss you!

and the apron...
i bought it at a little antique store... it is not an antique. it was one of those things where i kept telling myself... "you could make this so easy!" but sometimes you just have to buy it anway. the colors on it.... which is one of my all time favorite color combinations... the grays, the blues, a pop of red, and some smokey yellow... so pretty. the construction of it is what i found so inspiring though... the simplicity of it. for example... i have put off sewing many aprons because i hate hemming... but this apron no hemming whatsoever and i think it just adds to the charm... inspiring. not to mention i bet it took the person around ten minutes to make... i also find that inspiring... and because of the simplicity she was able to only charge $12.... i don't do a lot of apron shopping but i think that is a pretty cheap deal.

anyway... i suppose that is enough rambling for one day... i hope you are warm and cozy.

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