Wednesday, February 5, 2014

on her day

birthdays are quite "exciting" around here... not that we really do anything particularly exciting... but more that everyone just gets really excited.

my heart just melts when i see all of my older kids acting so selflessly, and working so hard, with so much love and thought for their little sister.

there was a little party. the kids made sweet decorations. we made a cake together. there were some very thoughtful gifts. she blew out three candles.

we re-gifted the little pink kitchen. it was layla's when she was that age. it was put away when she was a baby due to needed repairs and lack of space (during our upstairs remodel). now, with some new screws, wood glue, and a good cleaning, it is just like new... and loved like new all over again.

now... in tradition...

three things i love about my three year old

1. i love the way she loves that little stuffed monkey of hers, and the way she rubs the tail on your face as a symbol of her love and affection.
2. i love her use of facial expressions... she may have as many expressions for her face as she has words in her vocabulary... she has a "look" for every occasion. 
3. i love her fluffy hair in my face every morning. seriously, i wake up and it's always right there... i just snuggle my face into it, and smell that faint baby smell (that is still somewhat there)... sigh.

happy birthday my sweet (and spicy) little girl... mama loves you.


Tracey said...

Happy Birthday to your wee three year old, she is such a cutie.

Brittany Pruett said...

Happy birthday indeed Ollie Jane! :) :) Love you! :)

jenny said...

thank you tracey :)

britt- we love you too, sister :)

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