Tuesday, April 8, 2014

over the weekend...

we received our first swap gift! it was for little ollie. it traveled from california where is was created by a little girl named ellie and her mama, summer. ellie collected stones and shells close to her home, and painted ollie a picture. summer sewed a sweet little "spring sprite" for her.... i love the little bee detail on the side. ollie has been carrying it around everywhere with her, and we hung the picture in her room, and put the little nature treasures in her special box. she loved everything... we all did! thank you summer and ellie! if you would like to check out summer's blog... she is here: http://summerplayshouse.com/

layla worked hard on her gift over the weekend... it is actually finished now... soon i will post pictures of the finished project. we made progress on maiko's gift this weekend also (once again... pics soon). eislee and ollie's gifts are mailed out, and layla's will be mailed out tomorrow! 
when i was nagging layla to finish her project over the weekend she told me "mom, i just don't know if i'm going to be as in to sewing as you are." i just had to smile. 

i also carved a few new stamps. the mushroom and the snail are from geninne's book (which you can find a link to in my sidebar), and the "handmade" one... i was just kind of messing around... but i like it. the snail is a gift. one of the kids swap partners is the daughter of a blogger i have been following for awhile, so i thought i'd throw in something for her mama from me.


  1. Beautiful gifts.
    I have had Geninne's book on my wish list for a long time, I really need to order it.

  2. LOVE!
    I know Summer. She is such a sweetie and lives just about 40 minutes South of me. We've met once, even. Too cute! Small blog world we live in.

  3. tracey- you should really get the book! it is so inspiring, and the stamp carving is so fun and easy :)
    cory- that is so cool! i am constantly amazed with how small this world seems sometimes in the midst of this amazing blogging community :) the partner that my son, maiko, got... i used to read his mom's blog years ago! it was such a treat to come across it again!

  4. LOVE my snail! it's soooo cute, thankyouthankyouthankyou! Claire just adored her box full of goodness, and we will send a proper thank you soon.

  5. amanda- so glad you guys like them :) we had fun making them for you!

  6. oh I'm just seeing this post now!!! I'm so glad Ollie liked all her little gifts. Ellie really enjoyed painting and collecting rocks. She may not quite understand who she was collecting for but she seemed to like sending everything off to a friend. :)


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