Sunday, June 22, 2014

the little things

a little list of things i'm appreciating right now...

1. time in the morning. time to take it slow. time to read and relax while i drink my coffee. time to cook a thoughtful breakfast like the one above... 2 eggs, topped with sauteed sweet red peppers and onions, ribbons of fresh basil, feta cheese, salt, and pepper... yum.

2. sunshine. sunshine that makes all of the green things grow. sunshine that makes watering a fun activity. sunshine that warms our skin and turns blonde hair to curls of gold.

3. monkeys that follow little girls everywhere. monkeys that get lost... and then found again.

4. little girls. summer dresses. bare little feet in soft grass.

5. summer weddings. patience (and IPA) when i carve the wrong date on the wedding stamp.

what are you appreciating right now?


Kasper said...

That breakfast meal made me hungry, and I just ate :-) Your little girl looks like she is enjoying watering the plants. We made some 10'x10' gardening plots for our kids. They got to pick whatever they wanted to plant, and they got to see what grows when. It was fun.
I'm appreciating the warmer weather. It lets the kids do more outdoors, like our hike at McDowell Creek yesterday.
This is Cody btw. Just realized my account doesn't show my real name :-)

Brittany Pruett said...

I'm appreciating your blog. :) Oh and that breakfast looks AMAZING!! I want some!! :)

Anonymous said...

My heart went up into my throat when I read the words "wrong date" - but thank goodness the date and the tree are separate stamps, I guess? They're lovely! xo

Lady Cordelia said...

this morning I am appreciating a few hours to myself...they are fleeting fast.
your stamp looks great.
lots of love,

Meryl Carver-Allmond said...

Yes for that breakfast and the cutie stamp! I am appreciating how warm it is. I want to soak the sun right into my skin.

jenny said...

so many great things to appreciate :) i love reading all of your comments!

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