Saturday, August 23, 2014

as summer wanes...

the apples and plums are almost ready

above: i tore down a piece of old fence by myself... i had been wanting to tear that old piece of wire down for years and it was so easy... and it felt so good.

below: the view from our backyard... i am a very lucky girl.

the girls are so in love with "our family" from the knothole tree

the sweet end of summer... always so full... with this heavy anticipation of change.

we have been quite busy... mostly gathering with friends and family soaking up the last bit of a very flexible schedule... and preserving as much harvest as possible... and hoping to fit in a couple outdoor projects before the dry weather is gone.

with so many things constantly requiring my attention indoors... i must remind myself, frequently, to get outside and soak up that dry warm sunshine before it turns to rain and chill.

i have been ready for the change for awhile though. i love a good change.... especially a seasonal one. i think one of my favorite things about a change in season is the stillness it always seems to bring with it. a stillness in our schedule, and an excited energy in our hearts. 

and with that change i will also be finding myself in this space more and i am quite excited about that dear friends... there are so many things i have been wanting to share with you... soon.... very soon.


Lady Cordelia said...

Can't wait to see what you are going to share "very soon."
And yes you are a lucky girl. I am always blown away by your land. It's a "someday" dream of mine. :)

Kasper said...

Love the picture of your daughter with the apple, looks like she took a bite that wasn't very good lol

amanda said...

that view is so, so lovely~ and how old are those apple trees?! they look ancient!

I too look forward to hearing this news you so want to share ;)

xo from NC

jenny said...

thank you friends :) i am afraid i have mislead you a bit though! it's not so much that i have big news or anything... more that i have had so much that i have wanted to share on a regular basis but haven't had the extra time to document it all... and i am excited to have the time to share regularly again that's all :) oh! and the apple trees are pretty ancient but i'm not exactly sure how old... i will do a little fishing around and see if i can find out :)

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I do love your apple tree. We were able to harvest plums this year, but no apples or peaches, the squirrels got them first!

Your place looks so pretty and I'm you're enjoying summer!

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