Tuesday, August 12, 2014

this season's craft swap

i am participating in another craft swap... hosted by the lovely amanda of sweet potato claire... i believe she said there are 26 bloggers involved from all over the us, and four people from canada. so exciting! if your interested you can read more about the swap here
now... i should have had my package in the mail yesterday... ack! i have had the stamps finished for awhile but the last thing i am making... well... i needed a couple things that i couldn't find anywhere around here and had to order online... those things arrive tomorrow and it shouldn't take me long to finish once they arrive... so... my package will be out by the end of the week.
my person is a knitter... she is a talented crafter in many areas... but it is quite obvious that she has a love for knitting... hence the yarn and needles stamp.
photo below is a size reference... it is quite large for a stamp.

my person also seems to make handmade gifts quite frequently so i thought a "handmade" stamp for her packages would be fun... unfortunately i am still pretty new at lettering... and although i carved two different stamps... neither was quite what i wanted.

i took a vote on facebook, and most everyone said they preferred the top one... so i believe i will send her that one (unless i decide to give it a third try...hmmm).
the last gift i'm making involves paper-cutting, printing, and sewing... i'll reveal it when it's finished.

i am definitely feeling the itch for a change. i am craving a steady schedule now, and the slowing down that the shift into the school year always brings. i constantly want to work on inside activities (like this blog for example... goodness gracious my "pages" are so out of date!)... and i have to remind myself that there is only so much time left for the outdoor variety... and only three weeks left of a wildly free schedule with four kids all day.... which i know i will really miss once it's gone. 
so... those "indoor" things will have to wait just a bit longer as i submerge myself in these last few weeks of glorious summer. 


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Your knitter is going to absolutely love the gifts you made, I know I would!

summer said...

Those stamps are so adorable!!! What a fabulous gift!!

jenny said...

thank you! :)

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