Friday, September 19, 2014

making time

impromptu tea party.

pretty dresses... messy hair... five minute set up.

a scrap of fabric on the table. a quick brew of some peppermint tea. a search for crackers... and a flower for the table. "this was the only one i could find mama." using the little tea cups and the special honey. smiling as i watched them enjoy each others company for possibly the first time that morning (it had been a grumpy morning). 

reminding myself to make more time for moments like this.
these ages are such a special, and important, time for connection.

... and it only took fifteen minutes.


susan said...

How lovely! Their outfits, the table setting, the flower - it's all absolutely perfect.

jenny said...

thank you susan! it was so perfect. i told them "you girls are dressed for a tea party! we had better have one." and they looked at me with so much surprise it made me laugh out loud :)

summer said...

Oh my goodness! This is the most darling thing ever!! These moments of bliss can certainly turn a grumpy day around. :) SO sweet!

jenny said...

thank you summer! you are so right... i live for those moments of bliss :)

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