Sunday, September 14, 2014

more of the same...

my life right now...

  • preserving... one last batch of albacore... and then... tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes
  • picking lots of apples... three giant trees down... four giant trees to go... and then it will be on to apple juice and hard cider
  • painting... a little inside... but mostly outside... and mostly finished now... just a few fresh coats on a few doors to go
  • changing our summer rhythm slowly to school rhythm... early to rise.... and bedtimes along with dinners are coming a little bit earlier each night (and next week the rhythm will change even more with the last two starting in their school routine)
  • the addition of sports is not helping with said changes to early dinners and bedtimes... but... is so much more fun than i thought it would be... their excitement is very contagious
  • thankful that the month of september is always warm and dry here because it is also when we finally get it together and tackle the long list of outdoor work
... and then there are two little girls who are ready for snow

i'm curious... what is the late summer shift like in your home?


Kasper said...

Well, my little girl is going to school for kindergarten now. We just didn't have the time to really focus on home schooling her. We could get the lessons done, but we felt like she wasn't really learning, because after she finished her lesson, that was it, then we had to go to work, or I have to sleep, depending on what day it is (my work schedule is a weird one.)
She seems to be really, really enjoying it. They offer more for her than we could, like cafeteria food for lunch time with friends, playing with the other kids, just mostly being able to be with other kids lol. It gets her out and doing something.

Wow, that was a long rant lol. Sorry, I just kept going and didn't realize how long it was. Sadly, I could've kept going :-)

jenny said...

haha :) long rants are always welcome. i do a fair amount of them myself. one of my kids' favorite things about school is also "the friends".

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