Wednesday, October 22, 2014

cow fishing

of all the things to love about this life... moments like this surely hit the top of the list

this friend finds herself in our yard each evening, and most mornings

fall stamps... i'm a bit behind in posting on all this... that pumpkin has himself a jack o'lantern face now... i need to carve at least one more... i have started a seasonal project... for myself... three stamps for each season... any recommendations?


Kasper said...

I'm suggesting anything Christmas themed. Why? Because I love Christmas :-)
I'd even make an order for a Christmas theme stamp. Maybe a Christmas tree, reindeer, Santa, mistletoe, stockings, I could go on... Lol

jenny said...

that's fantastic :) i love that you love christmas!! we love christmas too! but this project is to go with the seasons... i need one more fall stamp and then i plan to make winter stamps. but of course their will be "christmas" ones too :)

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