Thursday, December 11, 2014

cows and christmas

do you see that little pink bulge coming out the backside of that black and white cow? we thought she went into labor. she had that little bulge coming out. she was pushing and acting just the way a cow in labor would. all of the other cows gathered around too watch (just like they always do)... but lisa* was a bit concerned.... she said there should be hooves coming out... but it was possible the momma had just not quite got to that point yet. then something very strange happened... pink bulge went back into the cow, she quit laboring, and all went back to normal.

*for those of you who don't know... lisa and mark are some of my wonderful in-laws. they are matt's step-mom and dad and they own all of this beautiful property (and the cows). they are amazing people and we are very lucky to have them in our lives.

now back to the momma cow...
so... the next day... same thing happened again and we were all baffled. but after a bunch of research, many phone calls to even more experienced cattle people (ranchers?), and a visit from the vet... we discovered that she has a prolapsed vagina (this is the point where every woman winces in pain). the tricky thing is that there are not a lot of options. normally they would stitch her up, but she is about to give birth and really needs to stay open if possible. so we are watching her and as long as it continues to go back in, not come out to far, and she doesn't push on it (oh, that wincing again... ouch!)... then she should be alright. we will have to watch the birth closely too, and after she gets through that... no more babies (for her anyway).

view of the house from the barn.

now, let's talk just a bit about christmas stuff

my nephew is getting his own peg doll family for christmas... and of course it's his family. i love these peg dolls. aren't they just wonderful? and summer sent me a little something special... a book mark that she painted of the farm! i love it so much. she got the view perfect. the king tree, the pasture, the white barn, and the forest behind. i have already put it to use saving my spot in "the snow child." sometimes i feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for this special online community... how wonderful is it that so many of us from all over the country (the world) get to connect and become friends?? isn't it wonderful?

i know i have linked to summer's shop in past posts but i will link again just in case anybody wants to check it out (i have no idea if there is still time to get your own family in time for christmas... but summer is wonderful... just ask her). here is her etsy shop: the knothole tree and here is her blog: summer's play house

that little penguin hat... that is my nephew's favorite hat... his mommy made it for him... summer always gets the important little details... thank you summer!

and our christmas tree...
it is a very special tree this year. my oldest, maiko, cut it down all by himself. he cut it down right before thanksgiving so it is definitely starting to fizzle out (hopefully it makes it to christmas) and finally we fully decorated the little thing. we went through and separated all of their special ornaments into piles. then, with christmas pandora in the background, they decorated our tree while i watched from the kitchen and made dinner. it was magic.

the littlest one found herself a nice little spot under the tree and hung all of her ornaments down there... you may notice in the very last picture... how well decorated the base of our tree is.

oh, this holiday season... it is so wonderful.

wishing you and yours joy and peace in the days and weeks to come friends!


Kim said...

Happy birthing vibes to mama cow...hope it all goes smoothly.

Lovely festive happenings at your home. It looks so warm and cozy. Enjoy!

jenny said...

thank you kim!

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