Monday, December 22, 2014

the beautiful bustle

the annual family parties are in full swing now. although the busyness of it all often gets to me (i am so excited for that first slow weekend at home)... i truly wouldn't trade any of it... it is ALL so special... and we are so lucky to have so many loved ones.

these photos are of a new annual tradition based on an old annual tradition... a wreath making party with my mom and my sisters. my mom and her sister gathered every year when we were little and made wreaths and centerpieces... and that is one of the things that always stood out in my memories of the holidays... so happy to carry this one on.

the new babies.
both mamas delivered perfectly without a single complication... we are beyond thankful.
the little white faced one is a girl and her name is holly. the all red one is a little boy and his name is saint nick. they are so sweet. we are all enjoying our little christmas babies so much.

the handmades... our ornaments, some sparkly bean candles (i think i might share a tutorial for these too... so quick and easy for little ones to make), our bottled apple juice, some of our canned albacore, and even a couple stamps. a bunch of packages went out in the mail last friday... there are even a few of my dear blogger friends that will be receiving surprise packages... i had a few addresses that i held onto from the swaps. 
we do have a bit of a crafting flurry planned over the next two days to finish up our family handmades... it will be so fun.

now to go clean up the house, because with all of this coming and going, and "creative flurries"... it looks like we were hit by a holiday tornado.

i wish you a wonderful holiday friends... full to the brim with joy, peace, and the warm hugs of your loved ones.


Kim said...

Well hello there Holly and St. Nick...such cuties.

Love the wreath making gathering, how fun, and what a lovely tradition to continue. So much wonderful holiday making.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday week. xo

Summer said...

Oh my! Those baby calves are precious!! And the names!! Perfection!!
What a lovely tradition, making wreaths! I love it!
Wishing you all joy and cheer this holiday!!

amanda said...

Jenny!! I received your package and smiled ear to ear opening it. thank you, thank you, thank you my beautiful friend from afar. you are so generous and thoughtful.

those wreaths are amazing. I so love creating swags and simple wreaths this time of year- yours are a step up from what we do around here but I am inspired now to turn it into a bigger event instead of just Claire and I doing it. maybe next year I'll invite some friends over for a greenery-foraging walk and then some wreath and swag making!

I LOVE that second to last photo, of the white faced cow and her little white faced Holly babe. how sweet.

jenny said...

thank you everyone! we have had so many wonderful happenings here. my heart is full.
amanda- i am so glad you enjoyed it :)

you other ladies should be expecting a little something as well...

Carlin said...

Oh my gosh, those babes are so adorable ~ it must be so wonderful to be able to see them grow. I love your wreath making tradition, and can't wait to see what else you have in store. Hope you had a great end to your holidays.

Cory said...

love those cows!!!!(And mostly calves.)
I hope you had a great holiday, friend.
Nice to catch up with you here.

jenny said...

thank you both :) we have had so much fun, but are so happy to have things finally start slowing down a bit!

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