Friday, January 23, 2015

right now...

above: what i made for the teacher swap... below: what i received from the teacher swap
(isn't she lovely?)

there has been rest, rain, messy hair, and pajamas in the afternoon. there has been art, sewing, board games, and many cups of tea.

there was a late season land owner's tag... many hours logged hunting, butchering, packaging, and cleaning... and now a freezer full of good meat. i am full of gratitude for the life that was lost so that we can feed our family good lean protein another year. i am also so thankful for all of the help we had with the process this year... i do believe it was the best one yet.

there is another quiet weekend ahead of us, and i am truly learning to love winter. the quiet, the calm, the rest... time actually slows down during these few short months and although i long for that warm sun... i can wait... and savor what i have right now.


Kim said...

Just lovely.

The swap gift you made and the one you received are just wonderful. Love them!

Many cups of tea being enjoyed here too.

Enjoy your quiet weekend.

Lady Cordelia said...

your stamps are AMAZING.

jenny said...

thank you ladies :) it is fun to be making them again.

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