Wednesday, March 4, 2015

getting away

there was a getaway over the weekend.

full of family, the pacific ocean, and a pool shaped like a jellybean.
i think the most memorable part of the trip for my children was the jellybean pool... and the magical way it changed colors at night... that, and a late night card game with their apparently hilarious uncle.

even though it can be such a huge chore traveling away from home with four children, it is so worth the work. there is something really important about getting away from the day to day. although, i do believe my favorite part of getting away is the feeling i get when i return home again. 

and now here we are...
happy to be home.
happy to sink back into our routine again.
recovering from our vacation.
i see a quiet weekend ahead of me... full of the goodness that is right here... and i can see that just a bit clearer because i got away.


Kim said...

Sounds like a lovely time away. My little man and I are at the beach too, only the Atlantic side. We are enjoying our time away, but like you said, always nice to go home. Which we will do in a couple of days.

Carlin said...

Glad you all had fun, it even looks pretty warm! Do you have a favorite place that you like to go to on the coast? We have spent some time at Ocean Shores (the beach is nice but otherwise it's not my favorite), and I'm feeling very much in need of a new beach spot this summer.

jenny said...

oh kim! i love the atlantic (although i have only visited one portion). i was amazed how different it was from the pacific that i know. but i imagine both oceans change quite a bit depending how far north or south you go. i look forward to seeing your pictures!

carlin :) well, i have all of my favorite places in our little area (we are quite close to newport... but i really don't recommend a lot of travel to visit here). we stayed in seaside for this visit. it was cute, but quite busy. i imagine it will be PACKED when summer actually rolls around. i have heard great things about astoria but i have never been there. also, cannon beach looked quite adorable when i drove through it... but again... i have never stayed there. i can say that my favorite time for beach travel is august and especially september. the weather is usually amazing then. usually it is finally warm AND clear... and in september it is not very crowded since school is back in session :) good luck!!

Summer said...

So glad to see a blog post from you Jenny! I was worried for a little bit. ;)
Good to see you were just enjoying a vacation! Great photos! Looks like it was a lovely time.

jenny said...

oh summer! how lucky i am to have a friend like you that worries about me :) it was lovely time!

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