Saturday, March 7, 2015

little (big?) changes

outdoor furniture.
found on craigslist in the fall. great deal. just what this big back porch needed.
 can't wait to put it to proper use.

dug by my husband, in-laws, and two oldest children just down the river a little way... in the secret sand bank. it is only exposed on very low tides (we are so close to the ocean that this river rises and falls with the tide), and it is full of clams.
clam cleaning done by yours truly.
digging clams... very fun.
cleaning clams... not so much.

my big metal tanker desk.
it is IN! i love it. it is already covered in a huge creative mess. i have been having great fun dreaming up ideas for something that i could put in between the desktop and glass to make it prettier. matt just laughs at that and says "you don't need anything in there... you can't even see the surface of your desk!" while that is currently true... sometimes it is clean and a grungy rubber desktop just doesn't inspire me. i am hoping to get started on some ideas soon. can't wait to share them with you!

big brother + littlest sister = all sorts of cute


Kim said...

That furniture was a great find. Enjoy! And the desk looks great, can't wait to see what you decide to do with the top :)

Yanic said...

Oh my, that desk is AMAZING! I would sleep on it. I would love to find one in that great of shape, good job. The pictures are lovely... hope you had a great week-end!

Cassadie said...

More desk! I love it. Also, I need to find that outdoor furniture on Craigslist! What will you do with it??

Summer said...

Oh the desk! It's so cool!! And my goodness what a beautiful part of the world you love in!! I love your photos!

jenny said...

thank you everybody :) cassadie- i am going to mostly use it on our back porch. it's a big covered porch and i kept thinking last summer that it really needed some furniture. i had bought some random wooden chairs planning to paint them all the same color and what not... but they all found new homes inside the house :)

amanda said...

love the desk and the light in your room…. beautiful! we have fun digging clams when we go to the beach on vacation, how fun to have them practically right in the backyard! we're staying at a house off the coast of Maine for a week in the summer and have been told we can go clamming right in the salty flats in the backyard- I can't wait! we pretty much just steam them then eat them, but the ones on this coast don't have quite the necks that yours do!

jenny said...

oh fun! that trip to maine will be an absolute blast! i have never tried steaming these... but they are quite large, and there is a big blob of guts inside :( don't know if i'd want to eat around that! although not cleaning each and every one each time they come in is pretty tempting.

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