Tuesday, April 28, 2015

catching up : : spring is here

during my blogging absence... spring came.
we have days with beautiful, warm sunshine and then equal amounts of cold, rain, wind, and the occasional crazy hail storm. sometimes all of the above will hit in a single day. it's a crazy battle here between winter and summer, but luckily summer always wins in the end. 
i think one of my favorite things about spring in the pacific northwest is the way the green seems to glow at this time of year. i tried to capture that glow in some of the photos above, and in some of them you can get a little glimpse of it. 
we have really been enjoying the longer days, and the feeling of a world come to life around us. there is this amazing energy in spring. when i would walk outside in the winter i would be captivated by the stark quiet and stillness of it all... but now... when i walk out i can't believe the growth, the constant movement, and the busy chatter going on out there.
somehow we were wrong about holly the calf... she is actually a he... a he that will be a bull someday. we have renamed him houdini... it seemed quite fitting with his constant escapes. 

i realize that this wasn't exactly a "catching up" post, but i just had to share all of these spring photos that i took.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

catching up


i can not believe it has been over a month since my last post.... it just doesn't seem like that much time has passed.

it all started with the getaway pictured above. sunshine. palm trees. beach. just bliss.
somehow i didn't take a single photo of the grandparents who planned and paid for this sweet getaway. many many thanks to them for so many wonderful memories. 

once we returned home from our sunny vacation i really wanted to share our experience on here, but every time i opened the computer and pulled up the blog i just desperately wanted to shut it down again. so i followed that feeling and took a break... then soccer began... then mountain biking season began... and before i knew it i wanted to post but struggled to find the time. i thought that i should probably just skip over all that happened while i was away (not that it's been THAT much or anything)... but anyway... i just couldn't.... so i will do a short series of "catching up" posts. 

it really feels good to be back in this space again. there is something so special about this online community and i have really missed it. 
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