Tuesday, April 28, 2015

catching up : : spring is here

during my blogging absence... spring came.
we have days with beautiful, warm sunshine and then equal amounts of cold, rain, wind, and the occasional crazy hail storm. sometimes all of the above will hit in a single day. it's a crazy battle here between winter and summer, but luckily summer always wins in the end. 
i think one of my favorite things about spring in the pacific northwest is the way the green seems to glow at this time of year. i tried to capture that glow in some of the photos above, and in some of them you can get a little glimpse of it. 
we have really been enjoying the longer days, and the feeling of a world come to life around us. there is this amazing energy in spring. when i would walk outside in the winter i would be captivated by the stark quiet and stillness of it all... but now... when i walk out i can't believe the growth, the constant movement, and the busy chatter going on out there.
somehow we were wrong about holly the calf... she is actually a he... a he that will be a bull someday. we have renamed him houdini... it seemed quite fitting with his constant escapes. 

i realize that this wasn't exactly a "catching up" post, but i just had to share all of these spring photos that i took.


Kim said...

Spring definitely looks like it is there, beautiful photos.

We had some crazy weather last week too...sun, rain, hail, snow, repeat all through the day for a few days. It was weird. And we woke two mornings with snow on the ground. I think all of that is behind us now, sunshine and short sleeve weather here today.

amanda said...

oh my- the third and second-to-last photos make me want to jump on a plane immediately and come sit there with you and look at that glorious river's edge. swoon.

jenny said...

kim- wow! spring weather is always exciting and unpredictable :) i wish we had some short sleeve weather... not quite there yet.

amanda- i would LOVE that :) my big metal desk overlooks that very view... sure makes it hard to get anything done :) not that i'm complaining or anything

Yanic said...

How I feel you on the crazy weather... my hubby and I keep joking about our bi-polar Spring. It was in the 90s today and in 2 days, we'll be back down to 40s.

My oh my Jenny, you live in a gorgeous place. Your home is just beautiful... keep sharing please. :-)

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