Friday, May 22, 2015

here we are again

it's that time of year again...
that time where i start thinking (and planning) what i want to get out of my summer.
i'm starting to think that the "planning" that i do is a huge mistake, i always end up a bit sad (and stressed) when my plans go astray... which they always do... or when a month on the calendar is completely filled before i even turn the page. sigh.
yet on the other hand, having an idea of what i want out of each season does help me stay focused and i at least make a few steps towards whatever the current want may be.

i am really hoping that this is the year i find the balance.

a balance seeing family and friends while still having some quiet "just home" days all while checking just a couple of things off of that "only while the weather's nice" to-do list and preserving the fruits of the season and celebrating three birthdays.... see what i'm saying? 
too much.

do you have any advice for me friends?
how do you get the most out of your summer?
do you plan? do you not?

my first thought is less planning... i'm avoiding adding anything to the calendar months july and august until we reach them. also, if things start to stack up maybe i will "plan" a quiet week here and there where we do nothing (well, the stay home and work on projects kinda nothing).

either way.... i am so excited for summer.
warm long days, a care free schedule, ripe berries and garden veggies, river and beach days, camping, painting projects, the list of exciting things to do in three short months goes on and on
.... and it's almost here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

the race

layla had just got in from her 2.5 mile race. she was a little worn out, but was so excited when she ended up on a podium. there were only three girl riders in the kids race and so they all ended up on the podium. 

maiko (in the red above) was the only ten year old to ride in the 10 mile race. i was so proud. he rode 10 miles with 1100 ft of ascent, against 12 and 13 year olds and he even placed 7th out of 14.
and my husband, matt, raced in the novice category the same 10 mile loop as maiko and came in first. it was such an exciting time for all of us. since there were so many people from my family doing the various races there was almost always someone taking off or someone coming in... so much excitement.

one of my favorite things about mountain biking as a sport (aside from the obvious... that it's excellent exercise) is how even though it is a competition that everyone is kind, encouraging, and supportive of each other. each competitor would like to win the race but they are also so excited for those that come before them, and everyone who just finishes the course. my husband said often when he would pass someone on the course they would encourage him on...
 how's that for awesome sportsmanship? 
next weekend, we are all traveling to a race in the mountains. my in-laws have a house there so we plan to make a weekend out of it. matt will be competing in the sport category now, he felt two first place medals, and a second mean it's time to move up, and now he will be riding a longer course. i am not a very athletic person so i am so excited that matt is encouraging the kids to join him in a sport that promotes life long exercise (there were people racing in a 60+ category!!!).
and he says that i'm next.

Friday, May 8, 2015

spring things

i am working on some spring stamps.
i think i need to make more flowers and also a bird.
birds, bees, and flowers... oh sweet spring.

also, i'm pondering cutting off that little petal hanging down at the base of the flower there... 
what do you think?

in love with this necklace from sevenly. have you heard of them? they have t-shirts, prints, and other stuff (like this necklace) all with pretty fantastic messages.... and $7 from every purchase goes towards their chosen charity of the week. every week a new charity, and constantly new products.

there has been a lot of mountain bike racing going on here. i made it to the last race and finally got some photos and video of my trio of bikers. the little guy on the left is my son. he was the only ten year old to do the ten mile race. i am so proud. i will share more on this exciting experience in it's own post.

everything is so beautiful around here right now.
so very green and full of growth.

i am doing my best to soak up every bit of peace in the midst of our usual chaos.
spring certainly helps... with this glowing light and growth it brings... but it is still too chilly for my liking. i am ready for some serious warmth. i have been cold for almost three seasons now and feel so ready for the heat of summer. almost there.

Friday, May 1, 2015

catching up : : creating

oh my! do i ever LOVE making a mess on this new desk of mine.

a little of what's been going on here:

  • newspaper flowers... my sister plans to have them at her wedding this summer and so i have been messing around here and there with some ideas. the ones pictured above are my very first attempt... but with the guidance and inspiration of this book... i can't wait to move forward... just need to order some supplies (although i do have a feeling it will be MUCH harder than it looks).
  • my honey bun poufs (amy butler pattern)... finally making progress again... i am making four and so cutting out all of the fabric for FOUR  of them was a boring and tedious task. after that i committed to working on one at a time which has really helped. i cut out the thirty pieces of batting for this one pouf. i basted thirty pieces of batting to thirty pieces of corduroy. i trimmed the batting on thirty wedges. now i am finally to the fun part which should go very quick... assembly!!! i also think finally having a finished pouf will really inspire me to get through the dull part on the rest of them.
  • carving again. that moth is a gift and one of geninne's designs from her book making an impression (where i learned to carve). i will also be starting on a very exciting stamp project soon... it should be my first commission as an artist. a small but exciting turn that makes me smile whenever i think of it. also... it's not that i wouldn't have been paid sooner.... everyone who has requested a stamp has offered to pay... it is just the first time that i said "yes, you may pay me." so i am proud of myself, i suppose.
  • that big pile of ribbon is the start of a banner... have you seen them? take a look here or here... i have seen some that i like much better on pinterest, but it still gives you an idea... and they are sooo simple. 

well, this was my last "catching up" post... and although it feels a bit silly to "catch up" with four little projects... it feels good too. i feel like i can move forward now... and have i mentioned how good it feels to be sharing again?? :)
 i love this community.

 thank you for catching up with me friends.

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